Inffinito Film Festival free online screening series
38 Brazilian premieres and classics at www.inff.online

The Infinito Film Festival’s screening series “Women in the Audiovisual” is ON. It’s a free online event showing 25 features and 13 shorts by renowned Brazilian filmmakers. Among them, Anna Muylaert, Rosane Svartman, Tizuka Yamasaki, Sandra Kogut, Mini Kerti, Sabrina Rosa, Flávia Castro, Christiane Jatahy, Adriana L. Dutra, and Tata Amaral. The films represent the female presence in the audiovisual and provoke reflection on gender equality in the sector. Some movies are must-see classics, and others premiering now at the Inffinito platform’s www.inff.online.

Feature films run at scheduled times, and once it starts, viewers must watch within 4 hours.  The shorts are available for viewing any time until the end of the exhibition on July 31.


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The renowned Brazilian Film Festival is confirmed, with the 24th edition in Miami and 14th edition in New York taking place in September and October 2020.

This year Inffinito adopted a new name and format for the Brazilian Film Festival. We are now the “Inffinito Film Festival” (INFF).

INFF will continue our 24-year tradition bringing the most recent Brazilian productions to Miami and New York with outdoor programming on Sept 12 and 19 in Miami and on Oct 17 and 18 in NYC.

For the Festival online version, INFF will present feature films and shorts in competition, festival winners retrospective, debates, and lectures about the audiovisual market at the Inffinito’s new platform inff.online and Lives at social media – from September 13 to October 16.

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