About the event

We were fortunate to have a diverse and distinguished group of representatives from leading firms in the sector including Embrapa, Scheffer (one of Brazil’s largest and most successful operators), and Feijó Lopes Advogados.

The panel discussed how research and technology have helped Brazil to become an agricultural powerhouse, and expectations for future improvements. They examined the operating environment within Brazil, and how the country’s unique combinations of weather, land, soil, and technology created a competitive advantage. They also explored infrastructure needs, and the investments necessary to reduce logistical costs. The panel considered key legal and financial issues, including financing structures and foreign investment in the sector.

Thomas DeCoene, CEO, GCA LLC

Celso Luiz Moretti, Executive Director for Research and Development, Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa)
Guilherme Mognon Scheffer, Commercial and Financial Director, Scheffer
Lúcio Feijó, Partner, Feijó Lopes Advogados


Download Embrapa’s Power Point Presentation Here


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