About the event

This event is organized by the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce in partnership with Berdon LLP.

The pandemic and changes to international tax law have greatly affected professionals and other individuals working and traveling in and out of the United States in the past year. Berdon International Tax Partner, Lisa Goldman, together with Christina M. Baltz, Partner at Withers Bergman LLP will discuss how stay-at-home orders in 2020 and self-imposed travel restrictions have created a risk of unintended U.S. tax residency. The program will present case studies that illustrate the potentially costly tax issues, and address topics including:

• Determining tax residency – The Physical Presence Trap
• Calculating the time spent in the U.S.
• What the 183-day threshold means for you
• Reporting requirements
• Possible state and local tax issues
• Residency exceptions

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Christina M. Baltz, Partner, Withers Bergman LLP

Lisa S. Goldman, CPA, TEP, M. TAX, Partner, Berdon LLP

The Unintended U.S. Tax Resident

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