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Scientific literacy is not just for the gifted few or for those who choose science or engineering as a career. It can be equally important for developing talents essential to life and good citizenship. A successful program for active learning in science requires materials for student investigations, as well as the time and space for teachers to learn, practice and refine new instructional approaches.

Distinguished Professor, Author, and Templeton Prize Laureate Marcelo Gleiser shared his thoughts on current Brazilian public education policies, and what more could be done to help students develop the skills necessary to engage with science. Doing so will lead them to better understand, explain, and improve the world. With Marcos Paim, Educando’s director for STEM Brazil and Mexico as moderator, they discussed topics such as public funding for science education, the role of states in education, curricular and instructional innovations, and how to better support schools and teachers with material resources and professional development.

Marcos Paim, Director for STEM Brazil and Mexico, Educando

Marcelo Gleiser, Distinguished Professor, Author and Templeton Prize Laureate, Dartmouth College

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