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COVID-19 has tested all governments world-wide and certainly the Federalist systems in Brazil and the United States. Moreover, the combination of ever-expanding interaction between social and traditional news media has created difficulty to discern fact from fiction, editorial opinion from actual news. This is certainly true in Brazil, where the current political climate was confrontational even before the pandemic and is more so since. And this dynamic has important implications for economic policy. We brought together political and economic experts to talk about these dynamics in the general public and Brasilia, and the implications for the economy and economic policy.

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Murillo de Aragão, Adjunct Professor of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University – SIPA, Founder, Political Consultancy, Arko Advice
Marcelo Coutinho, Board Member, BITES, Coordinator of the Executive MBA Program, FGV EAESP
Eduardo Loyo, Partner and Member of the Board of Directors, BTG Pactual

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