Glauber Rocha’s

Glauber Rocha’s 1964 political western BLACK GOD, WHITE DEVIL opens Friday, November 17 in a new 4K restoration at @filmforumnyc! A landmark work of militant cinema from Brazil’s most influential Cinema Novo filmmaker. “An ecstatic panorama of furious visions and revolutionary dreams…” – Richard Brody





Friday, November 17 – Thursday, November 23

Daily (except for Sunday, November 19 & Wednesday, November 22):
12:30   3:00   5:30   8:00

Sunday, November 19:
12:30   3:00   5:30

Wednesday, November 22:
12:30   3:00   8:40

Location: FILM FORUM – 209 West Houston St. New York, NY 10014 | Box Office: (212) 727-8110


Brazil, 1964.
Directed by Glauber Rocha
Starring Geraldo Del Rey, Othon Bastos, Maurício do Valle, Yoná Magalhães
Approx. 120 min. DCP.

“This ecstatic panorama of furious visions and revolutionary dreams in the vast, violent landscape of rural Brazil, made by the twentyfour-year-old director, is one of the founding works of modern Brazilian cinema. Manuel (Geraldo Del Rey), a young cowherd, kills a wealthy rancher who cheated him, and flees home, along with his wife, to join a pilgrimage led by a self-proclaimed saint with a utopian, gory gospel. The Catholic Church and the government send a hired gun, Antonio das Mortes, to stop the procession — and the revolutionary bandit Corisco plans to stop Antonio. Rocha’s hectic drama is, in effect, a political Western that rages at Brazil’s governmental corruption and plutocratic oppression… [with] raw, grand, urgent images.” – Richard Brody, The New Yorker

New 4K restoration from Metropoles Productions, based on original 35mm materials preserved by the Cinemateca Brasileira. Restoration by CineColor Digital and JLS Studios.

With support from the Robert E. Appel Fund for Spanish and Portuguese Language Films




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