Brazil’s National Supply Company, Conab, anticipated forecasts for the coming grains and oilseeds season 2021/22. The soy crop is expected to reach some 141,26 million tons or a 3.9% increase over the current harvest.

As to the area sown, it is estimated at 39,91 million hectares, 3,6% higher than in 2020/21, while yield per hectare could reach 3,539 kilos in 2022, up 0,29%. “It seems a tiny increase but it is significant given the latest technologies in which Brazilian farmers have invested”, according to Fernando Gomes da Motta, one of Conab’s managers.


Via Merco Press


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As companies focus on workforce inclusion, equity, and diversity (IE&D), they are under increasing pressure to assure that the membership of their boards reflects these values. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently approved a rule proposed by Nasdaq that requires companies listed on its exchange to meet certain minimum diversity targets on their boards or explain in writing why they are not doing so.  This “comply or explain” approach demands of corporations additional accountability for IE&D efforts, requiring them to navigate diversity and anti-discrimination considerations thoughtfully.

In the United States, implementing workforce quotas that mandate hiring on the basis of protected characteristics such as race, ethnicity, or gender is generally unlawful.  While the law encourages voluntary diversity efforts, they are subject to careful judicial scrutiny to ensure that they do not constitute unlawful “reverse” discrimination.  There has been an increase in investigations and related lawsuits as to whether diversity initiatives constitute unlawful discrimination.


By Philip Berkowitz, Corinn Jackson and Britney Torres via Littler


Read full article here

After more than a year of a crushing global pandemic, the early summer brought hope for a long-anticipated return to normal business operations, at least in the United States. But those plans were derailed by the rapid spread of the highly contagious delta variant and mounting COVID-19 infections. The abrupt change left companies – many of which had just updated plans with an eye toward a post-pandemic future – scrambling to adjust policies on such pressing issues as vaccination, return-to-office timing and mask wearing.

To better understand where employers stand and where we may be headed next, Littler surveyed 1,630 in-house lawyers, C-suite executives and HR professionals from a variety of industries about their current plans, concerns and key considerations when it comes to vaccination of their workforces.


By Barry A. Hartstein and Devjani H. Mishra via Littler


Read full article here

The New Equation focuses on two interconnected needs that clients face in a world of technological disruption, fractured geopolitics, climate change and the enduring impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The first is to build trust. Our approach to building trust is designed to meet rising expectations of transparency and stakeholder engagement. It recognises that reporting and compliance are just one link in a chain that includes organisational culture, executive mindset, aligned standards, certified professionals, stringent controls, tailored technologies, and appropriate governance. It continues to place a commitment to quality at its core.


By PwC


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  • Uma lei federal promulgada recentemente nos Estados Unidos visa tornar os dispositivos de Internet das Coisas (IoT) mais seguros e pode ser um divisor de águas para os fabricantes de dispositivos e as empresas que fornecem esses artefatos para o governo.
  • Muitos sistemas embarcados, incluindo IoT, carecem de controles básicos de segurança. As razões para isso incluem restrições de hardware, custos de segurança e pressa para colocar os dispositivos no mercado


By PwC


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Competitive rig utilisation for Brazil-based rigs has increased by 9% in six months, reaching 92% in June. Based on the current rig demand outlook and domestic supply drying up, it is likely that operators will have to source more rigs from outside of the region.

Esgian Rig Analytics shows that there are 22 rigs currently drilling offshore Brazil, and oil and gas companies are expected to ramp up activity further with a recent surge in tendering activity.


By Adis Ajdin via Splash


Read full article here

Tribute to H.E. Ambassador Carlos Eduardo Alves de Souza

(September 21, 1933 – August 26, 2021)


On behalf of the Board of Directors of The Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce, we regretfully inform you of the passing, on August 26, 2021, of Ambassador Carlos Eduardo Alves de Souza.

Ambassador Alves de Souza was born on September 21, 1933, to Wladimir Alves de Souza and Maria Adélia in Rio de Janeiro.

His diplomatic career spanned more than 40 years and many different countries. He served as Ambassador of Brazil to the Czech Republic, Paraguay, and Switzerland. He also held several senior positions in Brasília, including the Office of the President in 1985. Ambassador Alves de Souza served as Consul General of Brazil in New York between 1981 and 1984. His interaction with the Chamber strengthened ties between Brazil and the United States and furthered the Chamber’s mission of promoting trade and investment between the two nations. He retired in 2001 to Rio de Janeiro and focused on his family, friends, golf, and his beloved soccer team, Flamengo.

Our heartfelt condolences go out to the family and friends of Ambassador Carlos Eduardo Alves de Souza as we mourn his passing.

After months of negotiations with the authorities, WhatsApp has committed to adjust its privacy policy in Brazil with transparency practices rolled out in line with the rules in place in the European Union.

The commitment from the messaging app follows cross-government efforts led by the National Data Protection Authority (ANPD), the antitrust watchdog Cade, national consumer body Senacon and the Federal Prosecution Service. The authorities had been engaging with the platform to ensure data protection and consumer rights are observed in Brazil, in the context of the app’s updated privacy rules introduced globally in May.


By Angelica Mari via ZD Net


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Cora, a Brazilian digital lender to small-and-medium-sized businesses, has raised $116 million in a Series B round led by Greenoaks Capital.

This is a large Series B by any standards, but particularly so for a Latin American startup. It’s also notable that São Paulo-based Cora only raised its $26.7 million Series A round — led by Silicon Valley VC firm Ribbit Capital — in early April. The startup has now raised a total of $152.7 million since its 2019 inception.


By Mary Ann Azevedo via Tech Crunch


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As Brazil’s oil industry looks set to soar over the next decade, with the potential to provide almost a quarter of the world’s offshore oil by 2025, Big Oil is betting big on the oil-rich state.

Unlike the rest of the world, which reined in oil production in 2020 as demand stagnated in the wake of a global pandemic, Brazil actually increased its output. These sustained levels of production put it on route to double its output by 2030, making it the world’s fifth-largest exporter, a target that appears realistic thanks to its low cost-oil giving the country a competitive advantage over many OPEC+ states.


Via Yahoo Finance


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New York City recently implemented the Key to NYC Pass, which requires patrons and employees of certain indoor entertainment, recreation, dining, and fitness establishments to prove that they have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine to enter the establishment.  There is no “testing out” option, so it is possible that some patrons and employees may raise issues of discrimination or request accommodations in relation to the vaccination mandate.

On August 17, 2021, the New York City Commission on Human Rights (NYCCHR) issued “Guidance for Businesses on Equitable Implementation of Key to NYC.”1  The guidance is aimed at assisting “covered entities”2 and employers impacted by the mandatory vaccination requirements with avoiding discrimination claims and managing requests for reasonable accommodations by those who claim they cannot receive the COVID-19 vaccination due to their membership in one or more protected categories under the New York City Human Rights Law (NYCHRL).3  Similar guidance was also issued for customers and employees.


By Lisa M. Griffith, Devjani H. Mishra and Mark T. Phillis via Littler


Read full article here

On August 13, 2021, OSHA issued updated guidance to better align with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s July 27, 2021 recommendations, given the rising cases of the COVID-19 Delta variant.  The guidance’s purpose is to summarize the CDC’s “substantial or high transmission” guidance and assist employers in recognizing and abating COVID-19 hazards in the workplace.  In the guidance’s preamble, OSHA “strongly encourages” employers to provide paid time off to workers for the time it takes to get vaccinated and recover from side effects, and to consider working with local public health authorities to provide vaccinations in the workplace. OSHA also suggests that employers “consider adopting policies that require workers to get vaccinated or to undergo regular COVID-19 testing – in addition to mask wearing and physical distancing – if they remain unvaccinated.”


By Alka Ramchandani-Raj and Karen Charlson via Littler


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The Brazilian federal government will include the natural gas sector in an existing tax incentive program for infrastructure investments, a move that could boost the country’s burgeoning gas markets.

The new ordinance will let natural gas production, processing, pipelines and local distribution system projects waive up to 9.25pc in federal taxes on machinery or feedstock under the existing Special Regime to Incentivize Infrastructure Investments (REIDI). REIDI was created in 2007 for transportation, power, ports, energy, irrigation and sanitation sectors, to eliminate the PIS and Cofins taxes which generate funds for social programs.


By Flávia Pierry via Argus Media


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HOUSTON, Aug 17 (Reuters) – Chevron Corp (CVX.N)is hoping to play a role in Brazil’s pre-salt oil discoveries, the U.S. oil major’s Brazil chief said on Tuesday at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston.

The “pre-salt chapter” might be the most important development in Chevron’s more than century-long presence in Brazil, said country manager Mariano Vela. Chevron has held interests in 11 deep water projects in Brazil’s Campos and Santos basins since 2018.

By Sabrina Valle and Marianna Parraga via Reuters

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We sometimes take for granted that most anyone who wishes to become say, an Uber driver, can do so. But that assumption is a narrow view considering there are many people who would love to earn income in that way but can’t because of lack of car ownership (and all that goes with it) — especially in countries outside of the United States.

In an attempt to remedy that problem, São Paulo-based Kovi was founded in 2018 to give those people access to those opportunities.


By Mary Ann Azevedo via Tech Crunch


Read full article here

Brazil’s startup market is reaching new heights, and its domestic stock market could benefit from the boom.

According to data from KPMG, Brazilian startups raised the most capital in a single quarter in Q1 2021, when some $1.4 billion flowed into domestic technology upstarts. That record stood until the second quarter of 2021 saw $2.7 billion raised by Brazilian startups.


By Nigel Sussman via Tech Crunch


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One of the most important phases of the Brazilian open banking project, which involves the sharing of customer registration and transactional data, has gone live today (13), enabling consumers to request their financial information is shared with other institutions.

The open banking initiative, introduced by the Central Bank of Brazil in early 2019, aims to boost market competition and increase financial education in the Latin American country. Under the model, use of open application programming interfaces (APIs) enable third-party developers to build applications and services around the participating financial institutions, with consumer data shared with their consent.


By Angelica Mari via ZD Net


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The Brazilian solar market resumed strong growth in the middle of the second year of the Covid-19 pandemic. According to a recent report by Brazilian consultancy Greener, the country imported 4.88 GW worth of PV modules in the first half of 2021. This compares to just 2.2 GW in the first six months of last year, and surpasses the 4.76 GW of PV module imports registered for the whole of 2020.


By Livia Neves via PV Magazine


Read full article here

The 25th edition of the largest and most relevant Brazilian film festival outside Brazil will present 56 films in a hybrid format from September 4th to 18th


For the first time, the competitive screening selection has three Brazil-United States co-productions: one feature and three short films. The films will show online in the US at – the first international streaming platform, launched this year by Inffinito, dedicated exclusively to Brazilian audiovisual. In addition to online exhibitions, with all CDC protocols in place, those in New York and Miami can attend in-person Festival outdoor screenings and events.


The festival’s opening night in New York presents Dom Salvador Samba Jazz Sextet in concert at the SummerStage in Central Park on September 4th at 8:30 pm – a partnership with City Parks Foundation. Dom Salvador, Salvador da Silva Filho, is a Brazilian instrumentalist, arranger, and composer who lives in NY since 1973. He plays piano at the River Cafe among concerts and recordings. Some consider him responsible for changing the course of Brazilian music and for adding some soul to Roberto Carlos’ songs in the 70s. The beauty, rhythm, and sounds of African American musicians’ soul genre. The documentary “Dom Salvador & Abolition” by Artur Ratton and Lilka Hara tells his story, which is unknown to the Brazilian public. The film will screen at 7:00 pm, shortly before his concert.


Awards and Jury: The Competitive Screenings’ films will compete for the Crystal Lens award in the Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Photography, Best Actor, and Best Actress categories. In addition, the Best Documentary has a separate award. Actress Betty Faria is the chair of the feature film jury. Also, in the jury, actress Camila Morgado, the screenwriter and visual artist Luiz Dolino, film critic, screenwriter, curator, and cultural director journalist and content producer Lorenna Montenegro and John Maass, filmmaker, and lawyer. For the Documentary Competitive Screenings, the jury is composed of photographer Maritza Caneca; filmmaker and actor Luciano Vidigal; Flavia Azeredo, linguistics, culture, and cinema professor; and Bianca De Felipes, producer and distributor of films and series. In addition, the audience elects the popular vote award winner in the Best Feature Film, Best Documentary, and Best Short Film categories.


Canal Brasil Tribute: In Brazil, in addition to online screenings, the public will watch a unique selection on TV. As part of the 25th Inffinito Film Festival anniversary celebration, Canal Brasil will present, in prime time (on Saturdays and Sundays, between September 4th and 26th, at 10 pm), the iconic productions awarded by the festival throughout its journey. The selection includes the titles: The Quartet (09/04), Stomach – A Gastronomic Story (09/05), The Kiss (2018) (09/11), João, O Maestro (09/12), Raul – The Beginning, The End and The Middle (09/18), The Patient – The Tancredo Neves Case (09/19), Loki – Arnaldo Batista (09/25) and Urban Snap- Shots (09/26).


Check out the 25th Inffinito Brazilian Film Festival lineup below:


Presential Screenings | New York and Miami:

Film material:  


Sept 4 – SummerStage in Central Park, NY – free admission

6:00 PM – Screening of short film The Orphan, by Carolina Markowicz

7:00 PM – Screening of Feature Film Dom Salvador & Abolition, by Artur Ratton and Lilka Hara

Sept 10 – North Beach Bandshell, Miami Beach

7:00 PM – Screening of Sidney and Magal, the Man and the Artist, by Joana Mariani


Sept 11 – Regal South Beach, Miami Beach

7:00 PM – Love Spell, by Caroline Okoshi Fioratti

9:00 PM – Silence of the Rain, by Daniel Filho


Sept 12 – Regal South Beach, Miami Beach

7:00 PM – Valentina, by Cássio Pereira dos Santos

9:00 PM – Jaguar Man, by Vinicius Reis


Sept 14 – Florida International University, Miami – free admission

5:00 PM – The Mother of All Struggles, by Susanna Lira


Sept 18 – SoundScape Park New World Center, Miami Beach – free admission

8:30 PM – Neojiba – Music That Change Lives, by Sergio Machado and George W. Torres


Sept 5 to 17 – Online Screenings – 

(Available in the US. More information and film material at the following link –


Competitive Screening – Fiction:

Film material:

  • Any Given Day, by Pedro Von Krüger
  • The Fall, by Diego Rocha
  • Coach? Really?, by Marcelo Antunez
  • Lane 4, by Emiliano Cunha
  • Sertania, by Geraldo Sarno
  • Coral, by Marcelo Brennand
  • King Kong in Asunción, by Camilo Cavalcante
  • Madalena, by Madiano Marcheti
  • A Day with Jerusa, by Viviane Ferreira
  • The Cemetery of Lost Souls, by Rodrigo Aragão
  • Remains of a man, by Ana Johamm
  • Up Close, She Ain’t Normal, by Cininha de Paula

Competitive Screening – Documentary:

Film material:

  • Extermination, by Mirela Kruel
  • Searching for Makunaíma, by Rodrigo Séllos
  • Ziraldo, Lifelong work of art crying for help, by Guga Dannemann
  • Alvorada Palace, by Ana Muylaerte e Lô Politi
  • Chico Mario – A Melody of Freedom, by Silvio Tendler
  • Our Flag Will Never be red, by Pablo Guelli
  • Desire Machine, by Lucas Weglinski and Joaquim Castro
  • The Woman with Her Own Light, by Sinai Sganzerla
  • Ana. Untitled, by Lúcia Murat
  • Dorival Caymmi – The Sounds of Life, by Daniela Broitman
  • Pedra de Guaratiba, A Lost Paradise, by Luiz Eduardo Ozório
  • Amazon Mirror, by Fernando Segtowick
  • Glauber, Claro, de César Meneghetti

Competitive Screening – Shorts:

Film material: 

  • 111+, by Ivaldo Correia
  • Adelaide, There’s No Second Chance for Mistakes Here, by Anna Zêpa
  • Antígona Pajubá, by Fabrício Boliveira
  • As Simple As That, by Luciana Bitencourt
  • Between, by Ana Carolina Marinho and Bárbara Santos
  • Eter Godzilla, by André Alves Pinto
  • Gado Marcado, by Estevan Muniz
  • Isabela, by Diego Lopes and Claudio Bitencourt
  • It Will Get Better, by Pedro Fiuza
  • João Bosco and Aldir Blanc – That’s Partnership!, by Pedro Pontes
  • Lavender, by Sabrina Fidalgo
  • Learning to Ride, by Luísa Parnes
  • On The Umbrella To Be Resistance, by Vini Poffo
  • Stories of a City, by Felipe Nepomuceno
  • Stunned, I Remain Alert by Henrique Amud e Lucas H. Rossi dos Santos
  • The Ballad of the Gracious Lady, by Hsu Chien
  • The Hole, by Zeudi Souza
  • The List, by Luciana Oliveira
  • The Survivor, by Silvia Rocha Campos
  • Windows From Here, by Luciano Vidigal and Arthur Sherman
  • Windows to the World – AM to PM, by Bia Oliveira
  • Zero, by Sacha Bali

* Co-production Brazil-US


About Inffinito Brazilian Film Festival

A pioneer in the promotion and dissemination of Brazilian cinema in the international market, the Inffinito Brazilian Film Festival held, over the last decades, events, exhibitions, and film festivals in cities such as Miami, New York, London, Vancouver, Rome, Milan, Frascati, Madrid, Barcelona, Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Canudos and Bogotá. In 87 editions of the festivals, the circuit has more than 1200 films shown to an audience of more than 2 million people, thus creating a strong relationship with the consumer of the Brazilian audiovisual product abroad. Inffinito’s pioneering spirit is also reflected in the digital world, with the creation of the first online platform for Brazilian cinema:, launched in 2020.

SPONSORS: with the support of the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs and the Cultural Affairs Council, the Miami-Dade County Mayor and Board of County Commissioners, City of Miami Beach – CAC, Titanio Films and Garcia Family Foundation. 

OFFICIAL AIRLINE: American Airlines

INFFINITO AMBASSADORS: Laura Fernandes Liliana Kawase and Renata Garcia.

SUPPORTED BY: City Parks Foundation & SummerStage, Regal Cinemas, Fogo de Chão, and ATC Cargo.


MEDIA SUPPORTERS:  AcheiUSA Newspaper, Acontece Magazine, Radio Florida Brazil, Culture Owl, and Canal Brasil.


FRIENDS OF THE FESTIVAL: Brazilian General Consulate in Miami, Brazilian General Consulate in New York, Florida International University, BACC – Brazilian American Chamber of Commerce of Florida and New York, BRATECC – Brazil Texas Chamber of Commerce, and Centro Cultural Brazil USA.







Inffinito Film Festival anuncia os filmes selecionados

25ª edição do maior e mais importante festival de cinema brasileiro realizado no exterior exibirá, em formato híbrido, 56 filmes, de 4 a 18 de setembro


Inffinito Film Festival, maior e mais importante festival de cinema brasileiro realizado no exterior, acaba de anunciar a seleção de filmes para as mostras competitivas de sua 25ª edição, confirmada para o mês que vem, de 4 a 18 de setembro. Serão exibidos nos Estados Unidos, em formato híbrido, ao todo 55 produções (lista abaixo) – este ano, pela primeira vez, a seleção conta com três coproduções Brasil-Estados Unidos: um longa e três curtas-metragens. De Porto Rico ao Alasca, os filmes serão exibidos através da – primeira plataforma internacional de streaming dedicada exclusivamente ao audiovisual brasileiro, lançada pela Inffinito no ano passado. Além das mostras online, com o avanço da vacinação e a flexibilização das regras de isolamento social nos Estados Unidos, quem estiver em Nova York e Miami poderá assistir presencialmente a exibições ao ar livre e shows.


Em Nova York, o público poderá assistir ao show do Dom Salvador Samba Jazz Sextet, no SummerStage do Central Park, na noite de abertura do festival, 04 de setembro, a partir das 20h30 – em colaboração com a City Parks Foundation. Dom Salvador, nome artístico de Salvador da Silva Filho, é um instrumentista, arranjador e compositor brasileiro que mora em NY desde 1973, onde toca piano no restaurante River Cafe e alterna seu trabalho com shows e gravações ocasionais. Há quem o considere responsável por mudar os rumos da música brasileira, por ter sido o músico escolhido para dar cara soul à música de Roberto Carlos, nos anos 1970. Isso porque Dom Salvador conseguia fazer o que nenhum pianistas brasileiro tinha conseguido até então: unir beleza, ritmo e sonoridades análogas às dos músicos negros americanos. Sua história, pouco conhecida do grande público brasileiro, é contada no documentário “Dom Salvador & Abolição”, de Artur Ratton e Lilka Hara, que será exibido, na mostra presencial, pouco antes na mesma noite, às 19h, também no Central Park.


PRÊMIOS E JÚRI – Os filmes das mostras competitivas concorrem ao troféu Lente de Cristal nas categorias Melhor Filme, Melhor Diretor, Melhor Roteiro, Melhor Fotografia, Melhor Ator e Melhor Atriz. O Melhor Documentário tem uma premiação à parte. Presidido pela atriz Betty Faria, o júri de filmes de ficção é composto pela atriz Camila Morgado; o roteirista de cinema e artista plástico Luiz Dolino; Lorenna Montenegro, crítica de cinema, roteirista, curadora, jornalista cultural e produtora de conteúdo; John Maass, cineasta e advogado. Para a mostra competitiva de documentários, os jurados são a fotógrafa Maritza Caneca; o cineasta e ator Luciano Vidigal; Flavia Azeredo, professora de linguística, cultura e cinema; e Bianca De Felipes, produtora e distribuidora de filmes e séries. Os prêmios do voto popular são escolhidos pelo público nas categorias Melhor Filme de Ficção, Melhor Documentário e Melhor Curta-Metragem.


HOMENAGEM NO CANAL BRASIL – No Brasil, além de algumas das mostras online, o público poderá assistir a uma seleção especial na TV. Como parte da celebração dos 25 anos do Inffinito Film Festival, o Canal Brasil exibirá no horário nobre (aos sábados e domingos, entre os dias 04 e 26/09, às 22h) a produções emblemáticas premiadas no festival ao longo de sua trajetória. A seleção inclui os títulos: O Quatrilho (dia 04/09), Estômago (dia 05/09), O Beijo no Asfalto (2018) (dia 11/09), João, O Maestro (dia 12/09), Raul – O Início, O Fim e O Meio (dia 18/09), O Paciente – O Caso Tancredo Neves (dia 19/09), Loki – Arnaldo Batista (dia 25/09) e Polaróides Urbanas (dia 26/09).


Confira abaixo a seleção de filmes do 25º Inffinito Film Festival:


Exibições presenciais | Nova York e Miami:

Fotos, trailers e cartazes dos filmes: 



4 de setembro – SummerStage in Central Park, NY – entrada gratuita

6:00 PM – Exibição do curta metragem O Orfão, de Carolina Markowicz

7:00 PM – Exibição do documentário Dom Salvador & Abolição, de Artur Ratton e Lilka Hara


10 de setembro – North Beach Bandshell, Miami Beach

7:00 PM – Exibição do documentário Me Chama Que Eu Vou, de Joana Mariani


11 de setembro – Regal South Beach, Miami Beach

7:00 PM – Exibição do longa metragem Amarração do Amor, de Caroline Okoshi Fioratti

9:00 PM – Exibição do longa metragem Silêncio da Chuva, de Daniel Filho


12 de setembro – Regal South Beach, Miami Beach

7:00 PM – Exibição do longa metragem Valentina, de Cássio Pereira dos Santos

9:00 PM – Exibição do longa metragem Homem Onça, de Vinicius Reis


14 de setembro – Florida International University, Miami – entrada gratuita

5:00 PM – A Mãe De Todas As Lutas, de Susanna Lira


18 de setembro – SoundScape Park New World Center, Miami Beach – entrada gratuita

8:30 PM – Exibição do longa metragem Neojiba – Música Que Transforma, de Sergio Machado e George Walker Torres.


5 a 17 de setembro – Exibições de filmes em competição na plataforma


(Disponíveis somente para EUA. Para mais informações e materiais/fotos dos filmes –



Mostra competitiva de ficção:

Fotos, trailers e cartazes dos filmes:

  • A Mesma Parte de um Homem, de Ana Johamm
  • A Queda, de Diego Rocha
  • Cemitério das Almas Perdidas, de Rodrigo Aragão
  • Curral, de Marcelo Brennand
  • De Perto Ela Não É Normal, de Cininha de Paula
  • King Kong en Assuncíon, de Camilo Cavalcante
  • Madalena, de Madiano Marcheti
  • O Palestrante, de Marcelo Antunez
  • Raia 4, de Emiliano Cunha
  • Sertânia, de Geraldo Sarno
  • Um Dia com Jeruza, de Viviane Ferreira
  • Um Dia Qualquer, de Pedro Von Krüger


Mostra competitiva de documentário:

Fotos, trailers e cartazes dos filmes: 

  • A Mulher da Luz Própria, de Sinai Sganzerla
  • A Nossa Bandeira Jamais Será Vermelha, de Pablo Guelli
  • Alvorada, de Ana Muylaerte e Lô Politi
  • Ana. Sem Título, de Lúcia Murat
  • Chico Mario – A Melodia da Liberdade, de Silvio Tendler
  • Doidos de Pedra- O Paraiso Ameaçado, de Luiz Eduardo Ozório
  • Dorival Caymmi – Um Homem de Afetos, de Daniela Broitman
  • Extermínio, de Mirela Kruel
  • Glauber, Claro, de César Meneghetti
  • Máquinas de Desejo, de Lucas Weglinski e Joaquim Castro
  • Por Onde Anda Makunaima, de Rodrigo Séllos
  • Reflexo do Lago, de Fernando Segtowick
  • Ziraldo, Uma Obra que Pede Socorro, de Guga Dannemann


Mostra de curtas-metragens:

Fotos, trailers e cartazes dos filmes: 

  • 111+, de Ivaldo Correia
  • A Balada da Nobre Senhora, de Hsu Chien
  • A Lista, de Luciana de Oliveira
  • Adelaide Aqui não Há Segunda Vez para o Erro, de Anna Zêpa
  • Alfazema, de Sabrina Fidalgo
  • Antígona Pajubá, de Fabrício Boliveira
  • Atordoado, Eu Permaneço Atento, de Henrique Amud e Lucas H. Rossi dos Santos
  • Debaixo do Guarda-Chuva para Ser Resistência, de Vini Poffo
  • Entre, de Ana Carolina Marinho e Bárbara Santos
  • Éter Godzilla, de André Alves Pinto
  • Gado Marcado, de Estevan Muniz
  • Histórias de uma Cidade, de Felipe Nepomuceno
  • Isabela, de Diego Lopes e Claudio Bitencourt
  • Janelas Daqui, de Luciano Vidigal e Arthur Sherman
  • Janelas Pelo Mundo*, de Bia Oliveira
  • João Bosco e Aldir Blanc – Parceria É Isso Aí!, de Pedro Pontes
  • Nina Aprendendo a Andar de Bicicleta*, de Luísa Parnes
  • O Buraco, de Zeudi Souza
  • O Sobrevivente, de Silvia Rocha Campos
  • Simples Assim*, de Luciana Bittencourt
  • Vai Melhorar, de Pedro Fiuza
  • Zero, de Sacha Bali

* Coproduções Brasil-Estados Unidos.


Sobre o Inffinito Brazilian Film Festival

Pioneiro na promoção e difusão do cinema brasileiro no mercado internacional, o Inffinito Film Festival realizou, ao longo das últimas décadas, eventos, mostras e festivais de cinema em cidades como Miami, Nova York, Londres, Vancouver, Roma, Milão, Frascati, Madri, Barcelona, Montevidéu, Buenos Aires, Canudos e Bogotá. Em 87 edições dos festivais, o circuito soma mais de 1200 filmes exibidos para um público de mais de 2 milhões de pessoas, criando assim uma forte relação com o consumidor do produto audiovisual brasileiro no exterior. O pioneirismo da Inffinito também se espelha no mundo digital, com a criação da primeira plataforma online de cinema brasileiro:, lançada em 2020.

Patrocínio: Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs and the Cultural Affairs Council, Miami-Dade County Mayor and Board of County Commissioners, City of Miami Beach – CAC, Garcia Family Foundation e Titanio Films.

Cia Aérea Oficial: American Airlines


Embaixadoras Inffinito: Laura Fernandes, Liliana Kawase e Renata Garcia.


Apoio: City Parks Foundation & SummerStage, Regal Cinemas, Fogo de Chão e ATC Cargo.


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On August 1, 2021, the administrative sanctions provided for the Brazilian Data Protection Law (LGPD) – Law No. 13.709/2018 (the “Law”) came into force and will be applied by the Brazilian Data Protection Authority (ANPD).

LGPD provides that data processing agents (controller and processor) who violate the rules provided for in the Law will be subject to:


By Cristiane Manzueto and Eduardo Maccari Telles via Mondaq


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In Brazil, the state government of Rio Grande do Norte and Enterprize Energy have signed a Memorandum of Understanding that will enable the region to expand its portfolio of renewables.

Enterprise Energy has been tasked with identifying opportunities for the development of green hydrogen, offshore wind, and green ammonia in the state. To do so, the company will engage with local businesses, academic institutions, and local and federal authorities on infrastructure development and operation.


Via Power Engineering International


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The Brazilian government has announced the members of the National Council for the Protection of Personal Data and Privacy (CNPD) as part of the process of implementation of the country’s data protection rules.

Announced on Monday (9) through a presidential decree, the advisory board is part of the implementation of Brazil’s General Data Protection Law (LGPD). The council is tasked with the formulation of guidelines for the application of the data protection rules, including the provision of subsidies for the creation of the national data protection and privacy policy.


By Angelica Mari via ZD Net


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Brazil-based Energy Source is betting on two new business models to boost its revenue in 2021: storage services with reused batteries and the recycling of batteries that have already completed their second life cycles, including the recovery of metals such as cobalt.

The company expects to conclude a financing round by October that will support its “battery-as-a-service” (BaaS) model. The expectation is to raise BRL 12 million ($2.3 million) from existing partners and investors.


By Livia Neves via PV Magazine


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NEW DELHI/BEIJING, Aug 11 (Reuters) – Great Wall Motor (601633.SS) has decided to re-allocate to Brazil a portion of its $1-billion investment in India, as the Chinese automaker has been unnerved by a year-long delay in winning government approvals, three sources told Reuters.

The re-allocation, which could range up to $300 million, comes as the sources said the maker of popular sport-utility vehicles (SUVs) and pick-ups was close to acquiring a former Daimler (DAIGn.DE) plant in Brazil to build cars.

By Aditi Shah and Yilei Sun via Reuters

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SAO PAULO, Aug 10 (Reuters) – Brazilian lender Banco BTG Pactual SA reported on Tuesday a 74% rise in second-quarter recurring net income, to 1.719 billion reais ($328.48 million), amid booming capital markets activity in the country.

BTG’s revenue came in at 3.771 billion reais, a 52% jump from a year earlier, mainly driven by lending, investment banking and asset management fees.


By Carolina Mandl via Reuters


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The Agência Nacional de Transportes Aquaviários (ANTAQ), Brazil’s national agency for waterway transportation, will hold an auction to lease areas in the ports of Amapá, Ceará and Salvador on Friday.

At the Port of Santana, an area measuring just over 3,185 square metres will be auctioned for a term of 25 years. The area is intended for the movement of bulk vegetable solids, especially soy bran.


By Kim Biggar via


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August 6 (Renewables Now) – Brazil has given the go-ahead to 205.2 MW of wind farms to commence operations in July 2021, power sector regulator Aneel announced on Thursday.

In all, the country has connected 467.06 MW of new capacity last month, with wind parks accounting for 43.9% of that. Since the beginning of the year, Aneel has okayed some 2,282.93 MW of new plants to start operations.


By Lucas Morais via Renewables Now


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RIO DE JANEIRO, Aug 4 (Reuters) – Brazil’s Petrobras beat second quarter profit estimates on Wednesday, as higher Brent prices, strong natural gas sales and relatively controlled expenses boosted the company’s bottom line.

In an evening securities filing, Petroleo Brasileiro SA (PETR4.SA), as the company is formally known, reported a quarterly net income of 42.855 billion reais ($8.29 billion), up from a loss in the same period last year and well above the Refinitiv consensus estimate of 30.7 billion reais.

By Gram Slattery and Marta Nogueira via Reuters

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Brazil’s real led gains among emerging market currencies after the central bank delivered its most aggressive interest rate increase in nearly two decades and promised to bring back a restrictive monetary policy to tame above-target inflation.

By Maria Eloisa Capurro and Maria Elena Vizcaino via Bloomberg

August 4 (Reuters) – In March last year, Oziel da Silva Santos needed a new TV but with stores closed due to COVID-19 restrictions in Brazil’s northern city of Belem, the 50-year old was clueless about how to get one. He followed a link on the website of furniture retailer Via Varejo (VVAR3.SA) and called a store manager.

On the other end of the line was Railton Sampaio, a manager at the city’s largest Via Varejo. Sampaio helped him buy the TV online, sending the link for payment through the commonly used messaging app WhatsApp.

By Tatiana Bautzer via Reuters

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SAO PAULO (Reuters) – E-commerce giant Inc started to offer its Brazilian Prime subscribers free one-day delivery in 50 cities on Wednesday, amid fierce market competition in Latin America’s largest economy.

The move comes as rivals such as MercadoLibre and Magazine Luiza are investing heavily to ramp up delivery speeds and gain clients.


By Jimin Kang via KFGO


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DUBLIN, August 03, 2021–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The “Express Delivery Market in Brazil 2021-2025” report has been added to’s offering.

The express delivery market in Brazil is poised to grow by $ 1.49 billion during 2021-2025, progressing at a CAGR of almost 4%


Via Yahoo Finance


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August 2 (Renewables Now) – Brazilian utility company Neoenergia SA (BVMF:NEOE3) has started the commercial operation of a 34.65-MW portion of the 471.25-MW Chafariz wind complex, the firm announced last week.

With 10 turbines up and running already, a portion of the larger wind farm has been delivered 17 months before the contract signed for supplies to the regulated market becomes effective.


By Lucas Morais via Renewables Now


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